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FIFA 22 is a new part of the popular soccer simulator series. The publisher and developer Electronic Arts didn't change the formula of FIFA again but added significant innovations that may well change the impression of the game. We are talking about three key changes of FIFA 22, compared with the previous parts of the series.

HyperMotion Technology

HyperMotion - according to the developers themselves, the most noticeable innovation in FIFA 22. The term hides two new techniques that Electronic Arts used to create animations for the new game.

The first technique is to capture the movements of all the players at once during a real match. Previously, to create animations developers recorded the movements of each athlete individually, rehearsing only potential situations that could arise on the soccer field. Sometimes in the process of capturing the movements involved two and three athletes, but even in this case, game situations between them were created artificially. When developing FIFA 22, the animators dressed 22 players in exosuits that track the position of players in space and sent them to the field to play real soccer in natural conditions.

FIFA 22 game review

The second technique was to use machine learning to create the same animations. Records of real matches were given to the computer, which analyzed the behavior of players on the field and adjusted the animations in the game according to the decisions that athletes made during the test matches.

"The key difference between HyperMotion and the way we recorded animations before is that with the new technology, we can faithfully recreate the interactions of real players in FIFA 22, and if players bump into each other during a match, it looks natural in the game. Some might argue that you could have had players bump into each other before, but you can't achieve the same clarity of movement artificially," says Shaun Pejic, a former professional soccer player and gameplay producer in the FIFA series.

FIFA 22 game review

Thanks to HyperMotion, more than four thousand new animations appeared in FIFA 22. They have not changed the series cardinally but made the events on the screen more natural. Dribbling became smoother, false feints are now much harder to react to because of the believable animation, and the struggle for the ball no longer leads to funny situations. One problem with HyperMotion is that it only works on the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X. PCs and consoles of the previous generation use outdated animations.

FIFA 22 game review

Improved artificial intelligence

Electronic Arts tries to improve the artificial intelligence of soccer players in every new game of the series, and in FIFA 22 the power of modern consoles finally came to the aid of the authors of the simulator. There are no metrics to objectively assess how much smarter computer players have become, but FIFA 22 can be compared with the previous part, where the balance was skewed towards the attack, while in defense the players were often lost and could not oppose the attacking team.

In the new game, the teams both offensively and defensively behave believably. Defenders and midfielders try to stick to a logical arrangement on the battlefield, practicing the tactics invented by the coach, but still sometimes make mistakes. Forwards and wingers react more quickly to passes when attacking and understand at what moment it is worth to rush behind the defense to catch a pass, but not to get caught offside.

In FIFA 22, players make six times more decisions per second than players from previous parts. And to achieve this, we completely rewrote the artificial intelligence for the new game. In it, athletes adapt quickly to changing conditions on the field and react with other team members. So, you will never see a defender running alone to save his goal. In case of danger, the defenders will act together as one player," noted Shaun Pejic, former professional soccer player and gameplay producer of the FIFA series.

FIFA 22 game review

Changes in Volta Football mode

Volta Football is an arcade mode with street soccer that takes place on a variety of grounds and sometimes in extremely crazy scenery. It first appeared in FIFA 20, and since then Electronic Arts has been developing it in every way possible.

In FIFA 22 the developers added a skill scale with three divisions. You can fill this scale by making accurate passes from the board, passing opponents on the feint, taking the ball away from your opponent, throwing it between your opponent's legs, and simply passing beautifully. Each completely filled division of this scale gives you a goal multiplier - x2, x3, and x4, respectively. And if the multiplier is x2, then one goal will count for two, and so on. The mechanics with the skill scale allow you to make a comeback at the very end of the match, falling behind by even two or three goals.

FIFA 22 game review

To add to the excitement, Electronic Arts has also added three crown tricks. The "Power Kick", for example, increases the power of a goal kick for 30 seconds, so that the ball can knock the defender off his feet and then bounce back to the attacker. "Pure Speed" greatly increases the athlete's running speed by 15 seconds. And "aggressive tackling" allows you to knock down opponents by playing to the body without fear of a foul. Of course, we are not talking about any realism - in Volta Football mode it's all about fun.

For the sake of fun, Volta Football also added time-limited online team games: tennis, disco lava, shooting gallery, and a few other short activities. Again, nothing serious: somewhere you have to hit as many targets with the ball as possible, somewhere you have to hold on to the ball, and so on.

The five most important facts about FIFA 22

  1. FIFA 22 has a career mode, where you can create your own soccer player, play for your favorite club, and even create your own team.
  2. There is also online competitive mode FIFA Ultimate Team where you can create your dream team from famous soccer players.
  3. There are different versions of famous soccer players from the last years in FIFA Ultimate Team and among them Mario Gomez, Abedi Pele, Jurgen Kohler, Alexander Mostovoy.
  4. The new part of FIFA was also created for the previous generation consoles, but all the innovations such as HyperMotion technology and improved AI is only available on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.
  5. FIFA 22 is available from October 1 on PC and consoles, including Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 22 game review

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