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Far Cry 6 is the new part of the popular open-world shooter series. A huge area available for exploration, a lot of weapons and various elements of armor, hundreds of story and secondary tasks and almost no restrictions - the sixth game strictly follows the familiar formula, invented back in 2012 for Far Cry 3.

The Far Cry 6 scene is a huge tropical archipelago

Yara is a fictional country with the features of many Caribbean states, but it bears the greatest resemblance to Cuba. Tobacco plantations, the capital city Esperanza, reminiscent of Havana, the political dictatorship of President Anton Castillo, which inevitably brings to mind the real authoritarian regime of Fulgencio Batista - however Ubisoft wanted to leave the Far Cry 6 scene fictional, the parallels between our world and Yara from the new game are very easy to draw.

The state occupies an entire archipelago - and it is one of the largest open worlds in Ubisoft games in general and the Far Cry series in particular. The exact number of square kilometers available for the player to explore, the developers did not name, but a glance at the global map of Yara is enough to assess the scale of the open world. Despite the monotonous climate in all regions of the country, Ubisoft managed to endow them with differences. The coasts and plains with tobacco fields in the west of the main island flow smoothly into high mountains, swamps and dense forests closer to the east coast.

The authors of Far Cry 6 were going to attract players not only by the variety of scenery. Like in previous games of the series, in this new part every hundred meters there is some activity - another enemy outpost, an ancient castle, where Castillo's henchmen set up a camp, a cave with treasure, an anti-aircraft gun, which does not allow the hero to fly freely in a helicopter, a random event, through which you can learn a little story about a Yara resident, and a third-party task. Ubisoft made sure that no journey from one point of the world to another will be boring - there is always something to distract you in Yara.

Far Cry 6

One of the main advantages of Far Cry 6 - the dictator Anton Castillo

Since the third part, in every Far Cry the villain is some charismatic, crazy and eccentric character. In Far Cry 3 it was Vaas Montenegro, a fan favorite, who gave the world the meme phrase about madness. In Far Cry 4 it was Peygan Min, the king of Kirat mountain country. And in Far Cry 5 the role of the antagonist was played by Joseph Seed, a religious leader. The brutal dictator Yara Anton Castillo, whose appearance and voice was given by the American actor Giancarlo Esposito, perfectly fit into this company.

The Castillo regime is completely inhumane: all conscientious citizens, as Anton calls them, are sent to work on the tobacco plantations without pity, and those who are against are disposed of. More and more people are needed on the fields, because the local tobacco is an indispensable raw material in the production of the drug Viviro for the treatment of cancer. The main problem is that the plantations are constantly being treated with harmful chemicals that are extremely dangerous to human health. Castillo is willing to sacrifice his own people for the sake of a high position on the world stage, which will inevitably be ensured by an uninterrupted supply of the drug. He tries to pass on his political views and rigid managerial principles to his son Diego, who, however, is not ready to support his father in everything.

Openly opposed to Castillo's methods are members of the Yara resistance, including the protagonist Dani Rojas. You can choose gender at the beginning of the game, male or female. It is up to Dani to lead the revolution to overthrow the dictator and save the people of Yara from eternal work on the tobacco plantations.

Far Cry 6

Gameplay Far Cry 6 is still a pure Ubisoft game

Like all previous parts of the series, Far Cry 6 is a first-person shooter with RPG elements. There is still not so much of the RPG in the new action game as we would like - for example, Dani does not have a choice in the key moments, a dialog system with answer options - too. Even leveling up compared to the previous games was simplified: along with the fact that the hero completes tasks and receives conditional experience, the level of the character rises, but there are no characteristics and skills to improve. There are also levels of enemies - if the enemy's rank is three or four units higher than Dani's, it's better to either delay the battle, or try to pass the episode stealthily, handing out headshots with a sniper rifle.

In Far Cry 6 the ranks of the enemies and the protagonist are more of a convention, reminding you not to get into high-ranked locations early. However, if you really want to, no one will interfere: you can have a firefight with enemies stronger than Dany and defeat them all, if you act accurately.

Far Cry 6

In terms of open-world construction Ubisoft finally abandoned the towers that highlight places of interest on the map. In Far Cry 6 caches with valuable weapons, caches with collectibles and all other activities appear either automatically, or after Dani talks to someone and reads the next note. However, the principles of exploring the world remained the same: the creators of the game are still trying to contain the player with the help of outposts, the capture of which opens the point of rapid movement, workbench and point of call for land, water or air vehicles.

Workbenches are an important gameplay element, they allow you to customize weapons - put sights and silencers on them, paint them in different colors, change the type of ammunition. This refers, however, to the usual weapons, which in Far Cry 6 has an incredible amount - dozens of pistols and submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. There is also a special collectible weapons with a unique design: it lies in the caches throughout the Yar, its search - it is a separate adventure, and on the workbench such guns can only change the coloring. For all customizations you need resources, scattered at every step - just have time to collect.

Far Cry 6

he main thing to understand about Far Cry 6 is that it is a game with a huge amount of diverse content, which is enough for the average player for months. In this game, in addition to what is described above, you can ride in personal cars and upgrade them, search all over the Yara for fighting roosters and then put them in cockfights for money, hunt animals for resources, get one of the partner animals - for example, an alligator - and fight with him side by side. If you want to play exclusively in stealth, you can dress Dani in equipment that increases the stealth of the hero, and arm him with a special silent weapon. If you want to destroy enemy camps loudly, you just need to charge your backpack with supremo missile kit, take a heavy cannon, and shoot accurately. Limitations are definitely not about Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6

The five most important facts about Far Cry 6

  • Far Cry 6 is a first-person shooter in a huge open world, where there are enough classes to explore for several months.
  • The events of the game take place in the fictional country of Yara, obviously copied from the real Cuba.
  • The main villain is the dictator Anton Castillo, played by American actor Giancarlo Esposito ("All the Restless").
  • In Far Cry 6 you can also get a hand alligator that will bite enemies' legs, arms and everything else.
  • Far Cry 6 is available from October 7 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.

Far Cry 6

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