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Twitch: Amouranth first among women

24.12.2021 307

The most followed streamers on Twitch are almost all men. Amouranth is the most followed among women, with 45 million hours of viewing, but in the top 100, she appears only as thirty-third. Moreover, there is only one other streamer with her: saddummy, who, however, did not exceed the 85th position.

The remaining ninety-eight positions are all occupied by male streamers. In the first position, we find xQcOW , which alone has accumulated 261 million hours of views. xQcOW had been the top streamer in 2020 as well. They are followed by loud_coringa, Gaules, MontanaBlack88, auronplay, HasanAbi, shroud, NICKMERCS, summit1g, and loltyler1.

Twitch: Amouranth first among women, but most-followed streamers are all men

GTA 5 is also this year's first in the ranking of the most-watched games, a sign of a certain habit of viewers of the platform. For the rest, it should be noted that Twitch has grown by 45% compared to last year, with 24 billion hours of viewing, a really important growth in terms of volume of Livestream hours watched. In general, other streaming platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, have also seen substantial growth over the past year, although none have done numbers comparable to Twitch's.

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