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The Sims 5: First images from pre-alpha version emerged online

10.11.2022 64

First images of The Sims 5 have surfaced online, taken from the pre-alpha version of the game. Just last month a pre-alpha build of the game appeared online, from which these images were taken. Since these are single-screen photographs, don't expect much in the way of detail or indication of what the final quality of the game will be.


According to the little that is known so far, The Sims 5, or Project Rene, as it is called by Maxis and Electronic Arts, should be faithful to the basic formula of the series, but we imagine with many concessions to modernity, especially in terms of monetization systems.

According to the publisher's official announcement, The Sims 5 aims to "re-imagine The Sims with even more gameplay possibilities, new tools to encourage creativity, and the ability to tell meaningful stories. With Project Rene, players will have the ability to play alone or collaborate with others and will be able to play the title in question across multiple supported devices."

Currently, The Sims 5 does not have a release date. Note also that it is not a given that it will be called The Sims 5 since nothing has been announced for the title yet.

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