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The Last of Us: Part 3 plot draft ready and multiplayer details from a leaker

01.04.2022 243

The Last of Us

According to a series of rumors shared on Twitter by Oops Leaks, which we suggest from the outset to take with a grain of salt, Naughty Dog has completed the draft of the script for The Last of Us Part 3, while the studio is currently working full force on free-to-play multiplayer and a new IP.

As for The Last of Us' standalone multiplayer, Deep Throat says that in the initial plans it was supposed to be a battle royale but that at some point in development the project started from scratch. It is now described as a mix between Escape from Tarkov and The Division with game modes inspired by the multiplayer Factions from the first installment of the series. It will be free-to-play and will launch first on PS5 and later on PC. According to him, the official reveal is expected by the end of the year with publication scheduled in early 2023.


Oops Leak also talked about a new single-player IP in the works at Naughty Dog Studios. According to his sources, it will have a fantasy setting and the project is in full production, but Neil Druckmann would not seem to be involved in the project.

Finally, the leaker states that a first draft of the plot for The Last of Us Part 3 has already been completed, but work on the sequel has not yet begun as the studio is currently prioritizing the aforementioned projects. However, development could begin sooner than expected thanks to Naughty Dog's rapidly expanding workforce.

We again recommend taking these rumors with a grain of salt. Oops Leaks in the past has reported several rumors but not all have turned out to be right, while others have yet to be confirmed, so it is not the most reliable source.

According to job postings, indeed Naughty Dog would seem to be working on multiple projects at once and one of them we know for sure is a standalone multiplayer game of The Last of Us.

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