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Stray helps raise money for strays: PC and PlayStation game inspires charity

06.08.2022 119

Stray is not only a good game, but it is a game that does good: through the efforts of Annapurna (publisher) and even individual players, funds have been raised to help strays (Stray means stray).

Annapurna contacted the Nebraska Humane Society before the game's release on July 19 to give them copies of the game to raffle off as a fundraiser for the shelter. Within a week, more than $7,000 was raised for the cause, including a $1,035 donation from Annapurna itself. Most of those who donated to the shelter were people who had not previously worked with the society-meaning that the game was able to raise awareness of new people and not those who were already donating to the Nebraska Humane Society.


Annapurna also rented a bar and cat adoption agency in New York, the Meow Parlour, to host an event where visitors could play the game (surrounded by cats, to boot) and purchase exclusive Stray-themed products. The publisher also donated $1,000 to the institution.

A platform called Tiltify, which allows streamers to donate their earnings to nonprofit organizations, has reported that its platform has at least nine new campaigns mentioning Stray, and another charity Livestream organization, JustGiving, has identified two more.

The North Shore Animal League America, a nonprofit animal rescue and adoption organization, said it received over $800 from a campaign related to the game. A streamer named TreyDay1014 also partnered with the Nebraska Humane Society, helping it raise more than $1,500 through a four-and-a-half-hour stream.

There's no denying it, video games are good for everyone, even strays.

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