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Starfield is «really great», says actor Stephen Ford

12.05.2022 174

Starfield would be "really great", according to actor Stephen Ford on Twitter, responding to a discussion launched by himself about the new Bethesda game, for which - according to some rumors - he would be working as a voice actor.


The issue started with a cute tweet in which Starfield is symbolized by the immense figure of Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan (with the face of "Chad Guy") silhouetted against another comparatively tiny profile, which would represent The Game Awards 2022. The message seems clear: for Ford, the new Bethesda game would be destined to be a giant within the upcoming The Game Awards.

This sparked a discussion, with one user pointing out how, despite all the hype surrounding it, it will still be a game full of bugs as is the case with Bethesda titles, according to this one. Ford responded directly to the tweet by simply reporting, "No, it's pretty awesome."

Obviously, the issue says little about the game itself but it does open up some questions: the fact that an actor of some renown would go out of his way to praise Starfield suggests that he has some connection to the game or at least has seen it in some form, which introduces the idea that he may be part of the production, perhaps as a voice actor.

Moreover, this sort of emotional involvement seems to give good signs about the quality of the game, having prompted an actor in a Starfield discussion on Twitter, even going so far as to respond to detractors. In any case, we remain waiting for concrete news about the new Bethesda game, which will obviously come during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase on June 12, 2022, when we will probably see Starfield in action, after the new images about the interiors that have emerged in recent days.

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