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Splatoon 3: official release date announced with a trailer

22.04.2022 220

Splatoon 3 - Official Release Date Reveal Trailer

Nintendo has released a new Splatoon 3 trailer to announce its official release date: September 9, 2022. This is another heavyweight exclusive for Nintendo Switch, in a particularly rich year for owners of the console.

The video itself shows some pure gameplay in one of the Mollusc Scrums. That is, we can see the characters do battle in the classic style of the series, painting everything paintable trying to prevail over their opponents. Our heroes will be able to use paint guns, giant brushes, and even robots to win matches. There will also be grappling hooks that will give them greater freedom of movement.


Let's read more details from the official press release:

Splatoon 3 will release on Friday, September 9 on Nintendo Switch. Players will challenge other Inklings and Octolings to an inky battle in the city of Splatville and the arid Splattonia, discovering features, weapons, and the trendiest gear of the year.

In Splatoon 3, mollusk scrums will give rise to exciting 4-on-4 online battles* with new and other familiar scenarios, where teams of 4 players will compete to see who can cover the most ground with their ink. New footage provides some details on one of the new scenarios, the Silurian Suburb, and the calamarco, a new bow-shaped weapon that allows you to splat horizontally and vertically. The new trailer, Splatoon 3 - Molluscan Muddles (Nintendo Switch), not only shows off all of this but also provides more information and lets you take a look at some new items.

In addition to the frantic 4-on-4 battles, Splatoon 3 will also have a single-player campaign and a new version of the Salmon Run co-op mode. In the single-player mode, players will help Number 3 fight the Octarians to unlock the secrets of Alterna and the furry slime.

Players who dive into the Salmon Run will be able to splash around** and defeat waves of dangerous Great Salmonoids. Some of them are truly gigantic!

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