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Sony should buy Warner Bros. Games, according to analyst Michael Pachter

02.05.2022 209

Warner Bros. Games

Rumors have recently resurfaced about the possibility of Warner Bros. Games being up for sale, and according to market analyst Michael Pachter, it would be a particularly suitable acquisition for Sony to attempt the move.

For quite some time there has been talk of the possibility that Warner Bros. intends to spin off its video game division in order to sell it and, usually, Microsoft was considered as the most suitable company for a maneuver of this magnitude.


Instead, Pachter sees it differently, with Sony possibly being better suited for such an acquisition, or at least it could be a more favorable opportunity for the latter than the other.

"I think if they're smart at Sony, they should make an attempt to acquire Warner Bros. Interactive," said the well-known market analyst at Wedbush Morgan. However, he also added a condition: "Warner Bros. wouldn't be worth too much if it didn't also contain the rights to exploit the DC Comics franchises", so otherwise the manoeuvre could be too expensive and unprofitable.

So the acquisition according to Pachter would be particularly suitable for Sony, but only if the famous licenses related to WB Interactive teams were included, otherwise it may not make much sense. Just recently, the possibility has resurfaced that Warner Bros. is planning to sell its development teams, with Sony and Microsoft listening.

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