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Sony PlayStation invests in live services, 60 million for AccelByte

04.05.2022 186

Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation has invested $60 million in AccelByte, a company that has been involved in live service productions for several years now, contributing for example to the development of Payday 2.

After buying Bungie, Sony has therefore decided to continue to strengthen its catalog of GaaS-type online experiences, and this latest investment is the proof.


Specifically, AccelByte is in charge of managing in-game monetization, i.e. microtransactions, and of carrying out the necessary analysis in order to orient these tools in the best way.

However, Sony wasn't the only one to invest in AccelByte: two other companies, Galaxy Interactive and NetEase to be precise, have also bought shares in the company founded by former Epic Games founder Junaili Lie.

We imagine therefore that in the future the two realities will collaborate for the realization of new games-services, going to strengthen that part of the catalog that for the moment PlayStation has not yet fully developed.

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