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SOCOM will return to PS5, according to journalist Colin Moriarty

06.02.2022 338

SOCOM is one of Sony's intellectual properties that has been dormant for a long time at this point, but according to Colin Moriarty it will return, likely with a new chapter on PS5, within the many projects currently underway at PlayStation Studios teams and collaborators.

There aren't many details about it, but the issue emerged within the Discord channel called Sacred Symbols, discussing possible series to be recovered by Sony: "Resistance and Motorstorm are the only intellectual properties that could come back from that era," Moriarty wrote, claiming that many others are practically canceled such as Lair, Haze and Folklore.

Responding to those asking about SOCOM, however, he added, with some confidence, "SOCOM will be back."


SOCOM will return to PS5

So while the return of Resistance and Motorsport seems to be only supposed, on SOCOM the ex-IGN seems to be very sure, which could indicate his direct knowledge on the matter.

It's not the first time the title in question has been mentioned recently: last April the author of Days Gone and Syphon Filter claimed to be hoping for the return of the series, and the brand in question has recently been renewed by Sony, in what could still be a normal precautionary maneuver.

On the other hand, it is clear how Sony intends to diversify the catalog with PS5, focusing on those genres that have received less attention in recent years by the first party productions, just as the shooter is more or less tactical. SOCOM could therefore be part of this new trend and its relaunch seems likely.

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