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Return to Monkey Island will be the conclusion of the series

29.06.2022 164

Return to Monkey Island is intended to be the conclusion of the entire Monkey Island series, according to reports from the game's official website and thus, most likely, also from the author, Ron Gilbert.

Since this is precisely a game developed by the original creator of Monkey Island himself, we can expect that such a figure has not been taken lightly: by clicking on the Overview section of the fantastic official website, we can read that "Return to Monkey Island will be the exciting conclusion to the Monkey Island series."


Incidentally, it should be pointed out how the official Return to Monkey Island website itself is a kind of graphic adventure: upon reaching the page, the cursor takes the form of that of a point-and-click adventure, and everything works as in the game.

Return to Monkey Island, a scene from the game

We then find ourselves choosing a few phrases to "say" in order to receive answers from the characters on the screen (among whom we recognize the ever-present Stan) and click to get more information.

The conclusion of the series will probably be a debated issue: Ron Gilbert in fact has never officially acknowledged the chapters following Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, although he recently reported that he will respect the events narrated in Monkey Island 3 and 4 as part of a kind of canon, but it is to be imagined that Return to Monkey Island represents a kind of ideal conclusion to "his" classic trilogy. In any case, we finally got to see it again in trailers during the Nintendo Direct Mini, of which we also did a thorough analysis.

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