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PS5: Sony working on next-gen technologies for Mocap and face realism

11.08.2022 143

As reported by Zuby Tech, PlayStation Visual Arts is hiring new employees to work on next-generation technologies related to MoCap and face realism, which will be used in PlayStation Studios' upcoming PS5 games.

The opening of applications had been announced a few days ago by Matt Barney, senior technical recruiter at PlayStation, in a post where he enthusiastically announced work to create the "future of video game technology," and more specifically "next-gen technology for MoCap & human realism" that will be "employed by every single PlayStation developer to create all of our video games.""


A few hours ago, however, Zuby Tech spotted one of the PlayStation Visual Arts job ads for the position of Staff Engineer. The job description specifically mentions new technologies to record and integrate even more realistic facial expressions into video games.

"We are looking for research engineers in the field of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and advanced computer graphics to help develop solutions that will advance our facial performance capture," the announcement reads.

Clearly, the world of video games is always evolving, so it is only natural that Sony PlayStation is investing in new motion capture technologies to achieve increasingly realistic body and facial animations, something the company over the years has always shown it cares about.

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