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PlayStation VR2: new trailer shows the visor, next-generation features and games

21.09.2022 146

Feel a New Real | PS VR2

PlayStation has released a new trailer dedicated to PS VR2, Sony's virtual reality visor. The video in question allows us to see the next-generation features of PlayStation VR2, but also the games and, of course, the headset itself.

The film opens with a cinematic presentation of PlayStation VR2 and the controllers and makes us "dive" inside virtual reality, indicating that the viewers will offer 4K HDR resolution, and support eye-tracking technology that can also be used to control the game (such as selecting items on a menu) and for foveated rendering, which allows developers to increase the visual quality at the point where the eye is looking, to optimize games. It is mentioned that FoV is 110°.


We then move on to the PlayStation VR2 controllers. It is indicated that they feature touch detection on the triggers so that even without pressure, the game knows where your finger is and can play the thing in a game. The visor will also support Tempest 3D audio technology for more immersive 360-degree sound. There will also be a haptic vibration system in both the visor and controller, including adaptive triggers like PS5's DualSense.

As for the games shown in the PlayStation VR2 trailer, we find Horizon Call of the Mountain, Firewall Ultra, No Man's Sky, Resident Evil Village, and The Walking Dead Saints and Sinner Retribution.

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