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Netflix: subscribers down, targeting reduced price with ads and stop sharing

20.04.2022 219

Netflix's last quarter results are not positive and the platform registers a first, historic decline in subscribers, from 221.84 to 221.64 million, with a reduction of about 200,000 users that has prompted the company to think about solutions, especially the possibility of a reduced-price business plan with advertising and possible stops to account sharing.


Netflix has mainly identified five points that should be at the origin of this moment of crisis, namely the price increase recently introduced in the USA, the current geopolitical situation rather critical especially due to the war in Ukraine, which also led to the exit of Netflix from the Russian market, the strong competition from other streaming platforms, the sharing of accounts between multiple users and other factors over which the company has no direct control, such as the spread of smart TVs and the cost of broadband connections.

As possible solutions, Netflix would be accelerating the idea of a new subscription plan cheaper but with advertising inside: the issue had already emerged in the past but, at this point, it would be taken more seriously by the service, being a potential vehicle for new subscribers.

Another solution under consideration is combating the phenomenon of shared accounts: Netflix is aware that about 100 million users share their accounts with others, thus limiting the growth of the subscriber base. The company wants to find a solution to this situation, trying to find a system that prevents the sharing of passwords and credentials but this will take time, probably at least a year, according to Netflix estimates.

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