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Naughty Dog working on a remake, is it The Last of Us or Uncharted?

26.04.2022 189

Among the various projects in the pipeline at the studios of Naughty Dog now we know for sure that there is also a remake of one of their historic IP. The confirmation comes from the resume on LinkedIn of the quality assurance tester Corey Hong. Will it be The Last of Us?

According to the tasks mentioned in the LinkedIn profile we learn in fact that he is working or has worked in the past on three different projects. The first is Uncharted, Collected: Thieves' Legacy for PS5 and in a few months also available for PC. The second is an as-yet unannounced multiplayer game, which we assume will be the long-awaited standalone multiplayer of The Last of Us.


Much more interesting is the third project, literally described as a "remake not yet announced", confirming that in fact the studio is working on a remake of one of its games. The most likely candidate is the first The Last of Us of course, considering the amount of rumors circulated in recent months.

However, we can't rule out a priori even a remake of the first Uncharted, since recently the LinkedIn profile of Marie Drake McBreaty, Naughty Dog's chief of staff, mentions that her work is about creating "future teams not only for new titles but also for the Uncharted legacy". Less likely, however, is a possible Jak and Daxter remake, but never say never.

In any case, to know for sure we just have to wait for official news. According to a recent message from Neil Druckmann, vice president of Naughty Dog, the studio currently seems to have three games in development.

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