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Monster Hunter Rise: PC launch trailer highlights extra features

07.01.2022 312

[PC] Monster Hunter Rise - Launch Trailer

Monster Hunter Rise for PC is shown with its launch trailer, which in this case highlights the many extra features of the new version of the hunting game weblog Capcom.

Featuring the same content as Nintendo Switch at launch, Monster Hunter Rise for PC will include a set of graphical filters, support for ultrawide displays, up to 4K resolution, high-definition textures, unlocked frame rate, and numerous options to further customize the experience.

In short, net of geometries necessarily limited by the hardware of Nintendo's hybrid console, the PC version of the game will offer a substantial step forward on the technical front and the superior fluidity will add precision and responsiveness to the gameplay.

Monster Hunter Rise will see us start from the ninja village of Kamura, in the role of a brave monster hunter, and explore various scenarios within a world as fascinating as insidious, dominated by gigantic and dangerous creatures.

In anticipation of the release, set for January 12 on Steam, you can find more details in our Monster Hunter Rise trial for PC.

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