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Might & Magic will return, Ubisoft hires for a new triple-A game in the series

14.02.2022 262

It seems that Might & Magic may be set to return to the scenes with a new triple-A game belonging to the franchise in question, according to some job ads posted by Ubisoft, which refer to the title.

Might & Magic will return

Ubisoft Shanghai, the eastern division of the French publisher that is working on Might & Magic, is the one hiring staff, although it is not clear what kind of game the new production should refer to. All we can detect is the direct reference to the franchise, with the company looking for a Senior Brand Manager able to "manage the brand marketing of a new triple-A game belonging to Might & Magic", as clearly reported in the job ad.


We remain to wait for communications on the game, which still evidently has not been announced in official form. The Might & Magic series began in 1986 with the first title for Apple 2 and various other contemporary platforms, but from there on evolved with 10 games at least as far as what is considered the "main series", but there have also been various spin-offs including the recent Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos on mobile platforms.

The latest installment within the standard numbering is 2014's Might & Magic X: Legacy, but several have also been Heroes of Might & Magic from Ubisoft.


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