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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR coming with Update 10

30.04.2022 242

Developer Q&A Twitch Series: April 27th, 2022

Microsoft Flight Simulator continues its evolution and will receive important updates with the arrival of Update 10, which among other things will bring support for Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR, the latter starting from version 1.0 and then moving to 2.0.

In a new Q&A session with developers on Twitch, Asobo and Microsoft reported that update 10 is expected to bring a number of interesting new features to Microsoft Flight Simulator: apparently, Nvidia and AMD are working directly with the team to ensure support for DLSS and FSR in order to have an optimal implementation.


The technologies are already usable internally, but need to be improved and corrected as much as possible: for the release of update 10, scheduled for July 2022, there will definitely be DLSS and AMD FSR in version 1.0, with version 2.0 to be included later.

Also according to what was reported in the livestream, it seems that Microsoft Flight Simulator has been very successful with its landing on Xbox Cloud Gaming, which shows how this solution is ideal to try the game without having to submit to the hardware requirements rather exorbitant, at least with regard to the PC version.

With the arrival on that service, the player community has expanded considerably, the developers report, and even more so with the recent extension of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to Southeast Asia. Last month, the game updated with World Update 8, containing improvements to Spain and Portugal.

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