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Lies of P: the three reasons why Pinocchio was chosen for a souls-like

27.08.2022 92

One of the most talked about games at this Gamescom is Lies of P, a new souls-like game that is based on the story of Pinocchio and puts us right in the shoes of the puppet who wants to become a real boy. This might sound like an absurd premise, but the developers explained that there are three very good reasons to choose Pinocchio: familiarity, darkness, and variety. Let's delve into them.


As for familiarity, the developers wanted to "find something that was well known, because it is our first souls-like." The team, as explained by director Choi Ji-Won to IGN USA, wanted to be able to rely on a group of users who were already fans of the topic. Ji-Won states, "So first we chose a famous story and then customized it."

Lies of P, a fight scene

Regarding darkness, Ji-Won explains that the best-known version of Pinocchio in the West is the Disney version, which is designed for a very young audience. The truth, however, is that Carlo Collodi's original story is much darker and for adults. Thus, there is the material to create a dark souls-like, as is typical for the genre.

Finally, the team chose Pinocchio as inspiration because it finds itself traveling in many different environments. There will be no levels inside the belly of a whale, but "Pinocchio has different settings. Pinocchio starts from Geppetto's house, then goes into the ocean, then inside a whale. That's why we perceived Pinocchio as very interesting for our game."

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