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Immortals Fenyx Rising coming to Xbox Game Pass? Release date emerges from a leak

16.08.2022 140

Immortals Fenyx Rising appears to be coming to Xbox Game Pass: after initial rumors, the possibility resurfaces that the Ubisoft game may arrive within the catalog of Microsoft's subscription service, in this case with a release date that appears to have appeared directly within the dedicated app.

The excellent action adventure in question thus looks set to hit Xbox Game Pass on August 30, 2022, based on what has emerged directly on the Xbox Game Pass app apparently from the screenshot posted by some sources on Twitter including Idle Sloth.


There is no confirmation of the matter yet, and it has not been possible to verify the veracity of the screenshot, but the thing seems at least likely: it would be part of Ubisoft's trend to bring more and more games inside Xbox Game Pass, as we have seen happen with some frequency over the past few months.

On the other hand, a leak just about Immortals Fenyx Rising coming to Xbox Game Pass had already surfaced at the end of July, then apparently denied by Microsoft itself, but the title has now reappeared again associated with the subscription-based service and it would be a very suitable addition to the latter's catalog.

If the matter is confirmed, it would therefore be one of the games for the second half of August 2022, and confirmation could come soon, considering that titles for this one are expected to be announced in the next few days, perhaps even today. We already know that Midnight Fight Express on Aug. 23 and Commandos 3 on Aug. 29 are scheduled in the next round. In the meantime, we remind you of the games for the first half of August 2022.

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