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Hogwarts Legacy: trailer in March during the PlayStation Showcase

28.02.2022 270

Hogwarts Legacy from trailer

According to the latest tip of AccountNGT, an insider who in recent months has been noted for anticipating the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse and not only, in March will be shown a new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy, probably during the alleged next PlayStation Showcase.

The insider claims to have received new information from his sources in recent hours, stating: "yes, you can expect 100% a new trailer in March. In short, the deep throat seems to be very sure of his tip, taking a big risk, since if it does not turn out to be correct will lose much of the credibility that has been earned over time.


AccountNGT, moreover, in a second tweet states that the new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy will be presented during the alleged PlayStation Showcase in March, suggested in recent days by Tom Henders and Nick Baker. In both cases, however, keep in mind that this is unofficial information to be taken with a grain of salt.

Hogwarts Legacy has disappeared from the radar for quite some time now, so the time would seem ripe for news about the game of Avalanche Studios, especially considering that it has been confirmed the release by the end of the year. According to rumors of the past few weeks, it seems that Warner Bros. has a trailer ready to show the public for some time now, but he preferred to wait until the media storm caused by the transphobic statements of J. K. Rowling deflated.

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