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Hideo Kojima working with Sony technology and studios: an exclusive game on PS5?

16.03.2022 225

Hideo Kojima's new projects continue to be shrouded in mystery, but according to some interpretations, his latest tweets could at least indicate the presence of a PS5-exclusive game, as he seems to be working at Sony-owned motion capture studios and using technology from the company.

Considering the cult surrounding the figure of Hideo Kojima, it's not strange to see people wracking their brains trying to interpret his frequent but often sibylline messages via social. In this case, a couple of tweets are explicit about what the game designer is up to, as he explains it in a very straightforward manner.


"We go back and forth between the West Coast and KJP with Sony's MADO," reads one message, which was followed by another that was more explicit about the issue: "We are always connected to the West Coast through Sony's MADO system for fieldwork. It's amazing! It feels like we are connected through clear communication! Especially with the two-way audio system which is superb! It feels like you're there! I can use it!"

Kojima's enthusiasm is reserved for Sony's MADO system, which is a "telepresence" system developed by Sony that allows audio-visual communication between various locations, used for conferences or telecommuting. In this case, it's being used by Kojima to direct remote motion capture sessions, staying at Kojima Productions in Japan while filming takes place in Los Angeles.

The motion capture studio, in particular, seems to be the same one used by Sony Santa Monica, the team behind God of War. The double connection with Sony of course immediately sparked speculation that the project in development may be another PS5 exclusive game, but we still await any announcements about it.

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