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Halo Infinite: Forge and co-op postponed again, Season 2 will last 6 months

24.04.2022 182

Halo Infinite: Season 2 - Official New Modes Preview Trailer

The multiplayer of Halo Infinite is still discussed, in light of an update shared by 343 Industries to illustrate the roadmap of the game. The team has once again postponed the launch of the Forge and the cooperative mode and has also decided to make Season 2 last six months instead of the previously announced three.

Surpassed by The Master Chief Collection as the amount of players on Steam, Halo Infinite started very well, but then it got a bit 'stranded because of a programming obviously lacking in content, due on the one hand to the difficulties related to smart working, on the other hand by force of things to the lack of experience with the live service.


343 Industries has reiterated in its update that they are trying to organize the work in respect of the health of the team, and this is a point on which you can not compromise, but it must be said that users are losing patience or have already resigned: nothing that you can not bring back on track, but at the moment things are so.

Halo Infinite Season 2 will start on May 3 and will last six months, ending on November 7 to make way for the third season. We'll find two new maps and three new modes, including the battle royale Last Spartan Standing, revealed by mistake a few weeks ago.

As for Forge, cooperative mode, and the ability to replay campaign missions, these are contents scheduled for September and August, respectively.

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