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God of War Ragnarok: new gameplay video shows lots of action and fighting

02.09.2022 119

God of War Ragnarök's Combat Lets You Play With Your Food | Exclusive Gameplay

Via GameInfomer we get to see a new gameplay video dedicated to God of War Ragnarok, the action game from Santa Monica Studio coming soon to PS5 and PS4. The footage shows us lots of action and combat.


In the video we see Kratos, our protagonist, fighting with his axe, the Leviathan, freezing enemies and stunning them with his blows. He also uses the Blades of Chaos to launch himself at footholds and move around the environment with more speed so that he can reach enemies and continue fighting, never stopping. As in the previous chapter, Atreus will be able to attack from a distance and summon spectral allies.

Also shown are Kratos's new weapon moves in God of War Ragnarok: bound to the triangle, they enable the unique powers of the equipment, such as the ice of the Leviathan and the fire of the Blades of Chaos.

The God of War Ragnarok video also shows the new category of enemies, reptilian beings known as Grims. It is then confirmed that there will be new videos dedicated to the Santa Monica game that will show more about the opponents and the setting.

Finally, here are more details about the new features of the combat system.

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