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Ghostrunner: trailer for Project_Hel DLC, already available on almost all platforms

04.03.2022 230

Ghostrunner - Launch Trailer | PS5

It is now available Project_Hel, the prequel DLC of Ghostrunner, a sci-fi action game. This expansion costs €14.99 and are already available for purchase on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The Nintendo Switch version will arrive at a date not yet defined, but it should be "soon".

The plot of Project_Hel takes place "shortly before the events narrated in the original Ghostrunner storyline. A combat android known as Hel begins her violent mission: to quell a rebellion at the base of the tower city. Hel feels a deep hatred for her creators, but internal programming prevents her from slaughtering them, so she must reluctantly follow orders while seeking solutions that will allow her to disrupt her creators' evil plans."


Unlike normal Ghostrunners, Hel contains no biological parts but is driven by an AI that makes her unstable, impulsive, and furious. These traits are manifested in the new rage bar present in Project_Hel. By killing enemies you can replenish the bar and use new combat abilities that eliminate enemies in one hit.

Hel, Instead of using Jack's Gap Jammer grappling hook, she has a "Super Jump" at her disposal that gives her incredible movement and fighting skills, and a sensory enhancement allows her to quickly calculate the trajectories of each jump.

There will also be new opponents, including four types of enemies and two bosses. There will be seven levels, during which we'll be accompanied by new songs by the electronic artist Daniel Deluxe. We'll also have to hunt for new collectibles.

Finally, we remind you that Ghostrunner (without DLC) for PlayStation 5 is free for PlayStation Plus subscription holders during March 2022.

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