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Genshin Impact, Update 3.1: release date and all new features, banners and anniversary gifts

16.09.2022 133

Genshin Impact King Deshret and the Three Magi Version 3.1 Official Trailer
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Hoyoverse today unveiled on Twitch the new features coming to Genshin Impact with Update 3.1 scheduled for the end of September. The update again is particularly rich and introduces the Sumeru desert area, along with new characters and events.

Genshin Impact update 3.1 is titled "King Deshret and the Three Magi" and will be available starting Wednesday, September 28, which by the way is also the game's second anniversary. In between the news as per tradition Hoyoverse has shared three new promo codes to get 300 Primogems for free and more.


One of the thickest new features of the update is undoubtedly the desert area of Sumeru. After rainforests, rivers and verdant hills, Travelers will now venture into a decidedly more hostile area characterized by a vast desert, which hides ancient ruins full of mysteries to be discovered. This new area also includes new enemies, environmental puzzles and a brand new World boss.

There is no shortage of new banners and reruns. In the first phase of the life cycle of Update 3.1 of Genshin Impact, the banner featuring Cyno and Candace will be available, as well as the rerun of that of Venti. In the second phase, however, it will be the turn of Nilou's banner and the rerun of Albedo's banner.

Cyno is a 5-star character of Electro element who uses polearms. By activating Elemental Burst a spirit takes over his body and is unleashed performing a series of rapid slashes causing Electro damage. With the Elemental Skill, he performs a rapid lunge with the spear causing Electro damage under normal conditions, while with the active Burst he performs an area attack that extends its duration.

Nilou is a 5-star Hydro unit that uses swords. With the Elemental Skill, she can perform two different combinations of Hydro slashes, while with the Elemental Burst she causes AoE Hydro damage that is followed by a second burst of damage a few moments after activation. If the party consists exclusively of Hydro and Dendro characters, the Bloom reaction globes will explode faster and have a greater radius.

Finally, Candace is the first 4-star Hydro-type character to use polearms. With her Elemental Skill, she charges a Hydro attack while defending herself with her shield. If hit during the charge she will immediately execute the blow at maximum power. With the Elemental Burst, it causes AoE Hydro damage and activates a series of buffs for companions for a few seconds: it boosts the elemental damage of standard attacks, every time a character enters the field a wave is generated that causes area damage, and it infuses swords, claymores and, polearms with the Hydro element.

The main event in version 3.1 of Genshin Impact is "Of Ballads and Brews" with Primogem and a Crown of Insight and a 4-star polearm as prizes. The event consists of various side activities, such as hunting challenges, combat challenges, treasure hunts, and a mini-game in which we will play the role of a shopkeeper and have to manage the sale of various products.


The other events are "Wind Chaser" with time trials and platform mechanics; "Star Seeker's Soujourn" with exploration-related activities; and "Hyakunin Ikki" with combat challenges.

Hoyoverse also announced that all players who complete the fourth floor of Spiral Abyss will receive free Collei.

Genshin Impact's second-anniversary gifts have also been unveiled. At the launch of version 3.1 there will be a seven-day log-in bonus with 10 Intertwined Fate up for grabs, among other things, 1,600 Primogem, 4 Fragile Resin and, two celebratory gadgets will also be distributed via in-game email.

The news does not end there. Confirming leaks from recent weeks, Hoyoverse has revealed that with version 3.3 will come "Genius Invokation," Genshin Impact's trading card game. It will have a PvE mode with which to play against NPCs and a PvP mode to challenge players online. The developers promise that all cards can be obtained through gameplay.

Not missing a final surprise: the anime of Genshin Impact, made in collaboration with Ufotable, has been announced. For the time being, no further details have been revealed, except that it will be a long-term project.

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