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Dragon Age: no hope of seeing it in 2022, per an insider

21.01.2022 380

Insider Tom Henderson has reported that, according to a source of his familiarity with Electronic Arts, BioWare's new Dragon Age won't make it out in 2022. More specifically, he said that "there is no chance" it will make it. The hope is to see it in 2023 at this point, although there's no certainty about that.

About Dragon Age unfortunately we know very little. BioWare unveiled it prematurely years ago and has never shown anything playable since. The problems of the studio and the many changes of developers in key roles may have slowed down the development, but again this is mere speculation.

It should also be mentioned that Electronic Arts is known to present its games a few months before launch, so whether or not Dragon Age will be part of its 2022 lineup will probably be known in May or June. That said, it remains impossible to make predictions without knowing the status of the work.

Just recently, former BioWare Mark Darrah had some not-so-kind words for the so-called BioWare Magic, effectively describing what it would consist of. Who knows if the production process of the new Dragon Age has been improved or if, as always, the development team is waiting for a miracle.

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