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Dark Souls Nightfall: release date pushed back with a video, but there will be a demo soon

15.01.2022 403

Dark Souls: Nightfall PLAYABLE DEMO Jan 21

Via the game's YouTube channel, the creators of the Dark Souls Nightfall mod have announced that the release date has been pushed back. This mod was scheduled for January 21, 2022, but the team realized that they could not complete the finishing work in time. No new release date has been given, but a demo has been announced as a replacement for the full mod.

On January 21, 2022, it will then be possible to try a demo of Dark Souls Nightfall. This mod will only work on PC and with the remastered version of Dark Souls. The demo will include the first two areas of the game, multiple weapons, bosses, and new mechanics made exclusively for this mod. The authors say that they will incorporate player suggestions and feedback into the final version.

Recall that Dark Souls Nightfall is a mod that stands as a direct sequel to the first chapter of the saga. Unlike Dark Souls 2, which takes players to a new realm, Dark Souls Nightfall makes us start right from the last seconds of the game of Dark Souls, precisely from the dark ending. In the shoes of a new character, we see the "chosen undead" who defeats Gwyn and leaves the final arena.

Dark Souls Nightfall will include new areas, enemies, characters with voice acting and new lore that will expand Miyazaki's game. There will also be an alternative combat system, to be activated through an object created for the occasion, which will make the character faster (to meet the more modern tastes of those accustomed to the latest works of FromSoftware) but for this more fragile.

Dark Souls Nightfall

Hopefully, Dark Souls Nightfall's release date isn't too far off - the team won't share it until they're sure they can meet it. We'll probably play Elden Ring before Nightfall, then.

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