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Berserk will continue, it's official: Kentaro Miura's manga will have a conclusion

07.06.2022 163

Berserk, one of the covers of the manga

Berserk will continue: the iconic manga created by Kentaro Miura will have a conclusion based on the stories the author shared with his friend Kouji Mori and his studio staff.

"Before his death, Kentaro Miura spoke to his best friend, mangaka Kouji Mori, about the stories and episodes he had in mind for Berserk, and he did the same with his studio staff and editor," reads the message released by Young Animal's editorial staff.


Miura has basically shared his creative process with his friends and collaborators, carrying on that tradition for years. So we are not talking about precise directions, but rather about pieces of a puzzle that Mori and the members of the Berserk studio will take it upon themselves to put together as faithfully as possible to the original spirit of the work.

The plan is to publish the six chapters that will conclude the Elf Island story arc, beginning June 24; then begin a new arc leading up to the conclusion of Berserk, carrying on the original numbering of the manga.

Kouji Mori has been a confidant of Miura's since the origins of the work, and he is basically the only one who knew how the story was supposed to end. Contacted by the staff of his late friend, the author accepted the responsibility of leading the manga to its own conclusion and to do so by staying true to the ideas that were outlined to him, without adding anything else.

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