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Twitch: here is the ranking of the most viewed streamers in 2022, Amouranth first

04.01.2023 0

Let's find out which are the most successful Twitch streamers of 2022, i.e., those able to total more million hours viewed than any other. Leading without too many surprises we find Amouranth with 32.06 million viewing hours. Ours is not far behind the second-ranked VTuber Ironmouse, stationary at 20.39 million viewing hours. The latter, however, has the record for subscriptions, with more than 100,000.



  • Amouranth - 32.06 million
  • Ironmouse - 20.39 million
  • saddummy - 14.89 million
  • jinnytty - 13.66 million
  • 39daph - 12,82 million
  • Pokimane - 12,28 million
  • rivers_gg - 12,22 million
  • Kyedae - 11,46 million
  • Shylily - 11,25 million
  • dda_ju - 10,61 million

As you can see, Pokimane, once the absolute top streamer on the platform, has dropped to the sixth position. It should be mentioned, however, that she did far fewer live streams than in the past during 2022 and will do even fewer in 2023. She has grown tired of performing this activity.

Also interesting is the presence of another VTuber in the top 10, Shylily, which shows that this type of streamer is growing strongly.

Interestingly, despite the growth, the streamer numbers are significantly lower than those of the streamers, considering that the top-ranked streamer, xQc, has totaled 227.23 million viewing hours.

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