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Xbox Elite Controller 2: now you can create it custom with Xbox Design Lab

18.10.2022 46

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 - Core

Microsoft today announced the ability to create new custom Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 through the Xbox Design Lab service, with the ability to apply different colorations and materials to suit one's tastes even to the "pro" controller model of Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

This was long overdue news, as the standard controller customization service has already been available for years, then revamped when the Xbox Series X|S was launched with the new model to accompany it.


Instead, in this case we start from the base of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, with its different features in terms of materials, finish, and input, given the presence of rear toggles.

While the grip grips remain black, everything else on the controller can be modified with different colors and materials: analog sticks, front buttons, directional cross, center shell, and even rear paddles can all be customized to your taste, as well as part of the case.

Xbox Elite Controller 2

Considering that you can now change the color of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2's center button LED as well, it opens the door to considerable possible variety in terms of color for Microsoft's high-end controller, which also relies on an internal rechargeable battery instead of the classic stylus batteries.

You can create your Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 right now at Xbox Design Lab at this address. Note that the base price is $149.99, but it does not include accessories: by adding them, the price gradually goes up and it is more convenient, in case you are interested, to go directly to the full Elite Package at $219.98.

The timing of the announcement is curious, moreover, considering that a few minutes ago Sony announced the release date and price of the DualSense Edge, the new controller for PS5.

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